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Tytuł: L2 OFF LOLY-BYTE x7 interlude 25.01.2019
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Opening the server on January 25 at 20:00 Moscow time

Rates from the server:

EXP / SP x7
Adena x5
Drop x5
Spoil x5
Quest Drop x5
Quest Reward x1
RB x3
Epic Jewel x1
Manor x1


Autolute for items other than Herb's included
First / second profession for free at the class masters
The third profession, subclass, nobility - fully quest
Auto Learning Skills
NPS Buffer Interlude up to level 40
Teleports free
Offline trading is available for free from level 20, the .offtrade team
Global (trade) chat is available from level 30
The maximum number of slots for the buff is 24
Buff duration standard - 20 minutes
Dance / song duration - 3 minutes
Blocking experience with the .blockexpon team (experience goes, but not more than 99%)
There are no restrictions on the number of running windows.
All epics are alive from the start.
Registration for the Seven Seals from January 28, entrance to the catacombs from the start
Cursed weapon turns on from February 1
The period of the Olympiad is a month, the first issue is March 1
To start non-class battles you need 4 participants
The first siege of February 10

Sharpening Chance:

On the weapon 60%
60% armor
On jewelry 60%
Limit 12/10/10

Paid services:

Premium Account - increases Exp / Sp / Adena / Drop / Spoil rates by 2 times
Shop DB Grade
Hats, painting nicks