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[L2OFF] L2BT - IL x70 - START 08.03.2019
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Website : http://www.l2bt.com


Exp: x70
SP: x70
Adena: x150
Spoil: x5
Seal Stones x6


Safe +4
Max Armor/Jewelry +10
Max Weapon+16
Chance Armor 66% Normal Enchant/Blessed Enchant, if level > 7 chance : 5%
Chance Weapon 60% Normal Enchant/Blessed Enchant , if level > 13 chance : 5%


Private PTS Interlude no custom
Max 3 box number of running client
SmartGuard 3 + custom ANTBOT protection
BOT Report System on player panel
Offline Trade: just sit on trade and close client. Maximum time for off-trade: unlimited
Subclass without quest
Lock exp gain with commands .xpoff & .xpon
PvP color names: 100 300 500 700 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
The catacombs are open 24 / 7
Teleport and buffs are Free
Blesseds enchants farm on custom areas
Clanhall: New system with Bids through GB
Droplist Info shift+click info below


Shop: Comfortable SHOP NPC with grade D/C/B/A exchange with adena/GB/AA, recipes, materials and much more
Items A/S by special farm


Comfortable GK with all Towns and necropolis/catacombs and main places for lvlup, Bosses and chaotic Zones


About clans and important skills changes

Max Clan Members 36. Alliance, royal and knights are disabled
Clan lvl8 + skills free, just need 10 members to learn
Custom FOI like H5, ( remove effects in any attack/buff action or in pickups action , no spell force needed )
Purification Field improved effect range
All clan penalties are disabled
Command channel can only made by members of the same clan

Custom Drops ( Chance and qty infos )

Event Coin :
*Drop from Special raid boss 60% qty 1
*Event TVT and Domination Events every 2h

Medals :
Ketra All Mobs, 15% qty 10-20

G.Medals :
Ketra All Mobs, 10%, qty 8-15

Catacombs/Necropolis rate x6

Golden Apiga:
Monastery All mobs, 2% qty 1

Top-Grade Life Stones Lv76:
Primeval Tyrannossaurus 5% qty1, respawn delay 15min
PT zone 15% qty 1

Book of Giants:
PT zone 5% qty 1

Crystal Enchants:
Weapon : Sailren Boss 25%, qty 1
Armor B/A/S: Semi Epic 25%, qty 1

PT Special Zone, our PT zone has an exclusive map as below


Buff Informations
Max Buff slots: 22+4 (Free Divine Inspiration).
Comfortable NPC buffer with profiles, prophet buffs, songs, dances of 2nd and 3rd proff.
Buff time: 2 hours
All buffs for FREE


Epic Bosses Info

Drop rule : party or player who gave the greatest damage, 8s drop protection
All Grandbosses +TOI13/14 and near all crystal are chaotic zone
All information about respawn time Raid and Epic Bosses directly in the game
Frintezza/Sailren and all GrandBosses AI fully working
All Epic bosses are lvl 80+
Ant Queen - 24h
Antharas - 96h
Baium - 72h (custom entry random time after spawn 6 - 10 minutes)
Core - 24h
Frintezza - 48h (custom entry random time after spawn 10 - 20 minutes)
Orfen - 24h
Valakas - 120h
Zaken - 48h (door close 00:20 ingame /time)
Sailren 24h (custom entry random time after spawn 5 - 10 minutes)
Semi Epic - 6h

Special Raid Bosses info and Drops

Respawn time : 3-4h

Lord Ishka
Cherub Galaxia
Mammon Collector
Palibati Queen

Drops :
Event coin - 60%, qty 1
Blessed Enchants Armor/Weapon A/S 100% qty 30-100
Top Grade Stones - 100% qty 10
Book Of Giants - 100% qty 1
Soul Crystal: Stage level 13 - 25% qty 1
Donate Coin : 10% qty 10-15

Subclasses, Jobs and nobless
Subclasses and Nobless without quest
1,2,3 Jobs are free
Barakiel, lasthit party nobless, respawn time 4h
Barakiel2, quest party nobless, respawn time 8h

Server Commands
.xpon .xpoff - Enable/Disable XP/SP-gain
.deposit .withdraw - Converts 250.000.000 Adena into Gold Bars

Period : 1 Week, hero on Saturday 12:00
Battle Time : 18 - 22 (GMT -3)
Class Based are disabled
Min 9 Matches to be Hero
In case of a points tie the hero will be the player with the greatest number of fights
Residencial siege skill will be removed during battles


Goddard Castle, every saturday, 19:00(GMT-3)
Giran Castle, every sunday, 19:00(GMT-3)
Residencial bonus skill for members ( +150def and Mdef)

Quests Improvements
You also have the possibility to make items through the quests with improved drop rates 2x / 2x Chance
LegacyOfInsolence Drops
Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos
War with Ketra Orcs
War with Varka Silenos
ExplorationOfTheGiantsCave Part1/Part2
Whisper of Dreams Pt. 1

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