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[L2OFF] L2ES - IL x45 - START 23.09.2017
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Exp: x45;
SP: x50;
Adena: x110 (chance 80%);
Drop: х15;
Spoil: x15;
Seal Stones: x5;
Epic Raid Boss Drop: x1.
Epic Bosses
All Epic Raid Bosses are 85 LvL.
Respawn time list: READ HERE
In-Game Commands
.menu - Enter the universal menu;
.showvote - Enter vote reward menu;
.checkvote - Gain your reward;
.rune - Bonus status from runes;
.timeleft - Buff Coin - Timer;
/unstuck - Sends your character to the nearest city in 30 seconds.
.gotolove - Teleports you to your wife/love. Delay between teleports is 10 minutes. You cannot teleport if your wife/love on combat/siege/raid mode.
In-Game Currency
Adena – Universal game currency (can be converted into Adena Chest)
Ancient Adena - Main currency
Medal of Honor – Game currency for participating in PvP battles;
E-Coin – Donate Currency
Affected only on Adena, Seal Stones.
Party Auto Loot: ON
Raid/Epic Boss Auto Loot: OFF
On spawn kill protection
Player spawn protection: 30 Seconds
Special Zones
Imperial Tomb Chaotic - S Grade Weapon farm zone. Includes 4 rooms ~ S Room 1-2, Red Room, Abraxion Room.
Mithril Mines - Seal Stones farm zone. Includes 2 bosses ~ Anakim & Lilith;
Forge of Gods - S Grade Dual Weapons farm zone. Also includes some Seal Stones.
Abandoned Coal Mines - Special Party farm zone. Includes ~ 2 Unique Boss. Martyr / Thunder
Special Zones Description & Rules
"ITC" Rules:
All farm rooms are combat zone now.
Player nickname takes Purple color automatically on entering room.
Player Killing Allowed in Rooms without getting karma.
Character item drop on dying is disabled only in rooms.
Magical skill "Cancel" is blocked in rooms.
Players are getting flag status for 20 seconds when leaving room. (Be Carefull!)
"Mithril Mines"
This map is designed to grind Seal Stones & Ancient Weapon pieces.
Ancient Weapon Pieces: Anakim's Heart & Lilith's Knife. You can get from Bosses Anakim & Lilith.
There has 2 parts of zone. Mithril Mines Starting Zone & Mithril Mines Center(More Chaotic).
"Abandoned Coal Mines"
Minimum Party Member: 4
Minimum Members Level: 78
Zone drop: Seal Stones, Top LS, High LS
Zone spoil: Blessed Weapon / Armor Enchant A/S Grade.
Special Boss: 2x (Martyr / Thunder)
Rule 1: You cannot enter without having party.
Rule 2: Players can't see each other's nickname.
Rule 3: Only party members can see each other's nickname.
Detailed information about NPC's

Service Manager - Erein
The full functionality of this NPC:
Class Service;
Subclass Service;
Noblesse Service;
About Class Service:
1st Occupation - 1 adena;
2nd Occupation - 1 adena;
3rd Occupation - 50.000.000 adena;
Subclass Quest: Read Here
Noblesse Quest:
Quest is shortened, Hellfire Ore & Lunargent avaliable at the Game Shop "Kain".
Service Manager can offer you to get the Nobless status for 20 E-Coin.
Game Shop - Kain
Here you can find items such as:
Armors up to S Grade (Sealed);
Weapons up to A Grade (Without SA)
All possible types of Soulshot, Potions, Misc items, Mana Potion (restores 1000 MP)
Quest items Hellfire ore and Lunargent;
A unique service for fast exchange of stones on Ancient Adena;
Consumables for players and much more;
Tournament Master - Amadeo Cadmus
In this NPC you can find everything you need for PvP battles, as well as many useful items that you can purchase for a special PvP currency - Medal of Honor.

Newbie Buffer- Felina
This buffer is limited and every buff from this NPC affects 60 minutes.

Global Gatekeeper - Observer
This NPC Includes:
Teleports to all possible towns and villages.
Teleports to Farm/Spoil/Chaotic Zones.
Wedding Manager - Erica
In order to get married, you need:
Add your partner to the list of friends using the command / friendinvite [Partner nickname];
To put on a wedding dress / suit (Formal Wear);
In inventory more than 500,000,000 Adena;
Use the .engage command [Partner nickname];
After confirming your consent, click on the link "We agree and are ready to be engaged."
After that you will be engaged!

Also, you will receive a small bonus:
The color of your nickname will automatically change to Yellow;
You will get a unique .Gotolove command, which will allow you to instantly teleport to your partner.
Healing / Mana Potions - Automatic use is enabled
Enchant Weapon / Armor/ Jewelry:
Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum: +22 / +12 / +12
Blessed Scroll Enchant Fail: +3
Normal Scroll chance: 50%
Blessed Scroll chance: 60%

Implemented additional skills:
Get Money / Get Chest - Converts adena to Adena Chest;
Anti Buff - Protection from extraneous buff.
NOTE: There will be available characters with AIO Status on maps to get full buffs.
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Odp: [L2OFF] ES-L2 - IL x45 - START 23.09.2017
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Polecam server, grałem na wcześniejszych odsłonach i dawał rade, na pewno nie jest to zwykłe interlude, sporo ułatwień i fajne pvp ponad 100 online wieczorem - > może nie powala, ale z racji tego że farmi sie w dwóch miejscach ( itc i mm) to jest ok.
Gimnazjaliści moderatorami forum. To smutne.

serv na max 2-3h mam all +16 i co dalej

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Odp: [L2OFF] L2ES - IL x45 - START 23.09.2017
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Na serwerze pustki, poza tym nie jest wybitnie przyciągający  :oops: