Wątek: [L2OFF] Ketrawars - IL x1 - START 29.06.2018  (Przeczytany 1088 razy)

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[L2OFF] Ketrawars - IL x1 - START 29.06.2018
« dnia: Lipiec 04, 2018, 09:52:39 pm »
Server rates:

Exp: х1
Sp: х1
Adena: х1
Drop: х1
Spoil: х1
Seal Stone's: х1
Quest Reward (Exp/Adena): х1
Raid Boss: х1
Epic Boss: х1

Server features:

Official assembly (EURO PTS)
The opportunity to earn real money for all players
Destroyers under the active Frenzy/Guts/Zealot hit with a peak only 3 targets
Reduced the loss of EXP / SP by 10 times at death (only in pvp and from the clan), now you can not be afraid to fight in PvP
Trade area - Giran. Teleport to Giran is free
All teleports are free up to 30lvl
On Dino island increased the receipt of Exp / Sp by 1.5 times! (Some kind of top spot for packs)
The new defence against bots/clickers/spamers etc.
Changed the reward in quests:

Blood Fiend was 42130 adena, became 4213
Dangerous Seduction was 102680 adena, became 10268
Bard’s Mandolin: was 10.000 adena, became1000
Warehouse Keeper's Ambition 212 for item, one-time paymant, without changes

List of game commands:

.exp on - enable learning experience
.exp off - turn off gaining experience
.rune - information about your runes bonus

Monitoring and maintaining the server economy:

There are no concessions to bots - ban forever without the right to be unbanned
Hard surveillance and bans for RMT on the side (control purchases with a subsequent ban)
Online monitoring of the economical situation of the game world and analysis of necessary changes

Daily event Raid Bosses:

For daily diversity and the formation of a friendly atmosphere on the server, every day in the world will appear on 1 raid boss for different levels: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80. After killing a boss raid, each raid boss participant will be able to get a free 2-hour rune that is not in the game store.

Full description of the Raid Bosses.

Server without donate affecting the game:

There is absolutely no stuff and weapons in the donate.
In the Donate are available: Runes and accessories.
Purchase of 1 and 2 professions

Earn real money by playing with us:

For several years, Lineage 2 has become not just a super popular game and a favorite hobby, but also a real source of income for thousands of players. Hundreds of people have left their unlo ved jobs and are replenished daily with "Black Market" goods. Alas, this was a rather risky business before the appearance on the game servers of its own exchange, where each player is able to sell their game items for real money and absolutely leg ally. At the Ketra exchange, deals are made every day for more than 100 thousand rubles, and the most resourceful sellers earn up to 15 thousand rubles a day.

How it works?

You sell your lot through your private office at auction for a unique currency
A unique currency can be withdrawn through a personal account on your Qiwi wallet with a commission of 30%
A unique currency can be listed in the game at the rate: 1 unique currency = 1 CoL
The exchange will be available on 10.08.2018.


Sieges are carried out gradually, new locks for sieges are added every 2 weeks. Since the server is off the manor, the castle invader is given a Castle Box (when you hold the lock, too, is given).


Epic Bosses:

To increase PvP content on the server, respawn epic-rb is changed:

Queen Ant 24 hours+/- 1 hour;
Zaken 48 hours +/- 1 hour;
Orfen 36 hours +/- 1 hour;
Core 36 hours +/- 1 hour;
Frintezza 48 hours +/- 1 hour;
Baium 5 days +/-2 hours;
Valakas 11 days +/- 1 hour;
Antharas 8 days +/- 1 hour;
Solo players - basis of the server

The server's focus will be exclusively on solo players, because it's the ordinary people of the people who make the server stable, interesting and long-lasting. No indulgence for "top packs", "top clans" and "streamers".


A few reasons "Why Ketra"?

Ketravars is the most stable server complex among all Interlude projects
Our servers are collecting the biggest starting online for 4 consecutive years
All Ketra servers work until the last player, without wipes.
Each new server collects all the workings of previous servers, as well as new developments, which makes it truly the best Interlude server.
We do not go on about the "Classic". The balance of the classical concept was more than 10 years old. We adjust to new realities and are able to update even such old content.



Serwer wstał już dokładnie 29.06.2018 - niestety nie mogę dodać serwera do działu serwerów "stojących" więc dodaje tu, proszę o wyrozumiałość. Co mogę powiedzieć to nie tylko same ruski grają, kilka polskich CP też jest i trochę EU community. Fajny i bez bugów serwerek;)
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Odp: [L2OFF] Ketrawars x1 IL
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Też masz wrażenie, że online jakiś niski?

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Odp: [L2OFF] Ketrawars x1 IL
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Póki co na każdej lokacji 10-35 masa ludzi, wydaje mi się, że raczej jest, ewentualnie lekko podkręcony, ale jeśli już to niewiele. Sklepów też póki co niedużo bo kosztuje 10k/24h i trzeba mieć wymagany lvl zeby go ustawić, a nie jak na innych, że robisz postać na 1 lvl i zaśmiecasz rynek

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Odp: [L2OFF] Ketrawars x1 IL
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pewnie monster derby track pełne

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Odp: [L2OFF] Ketrawars x1 IL
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Nie, ale rynki w gludin/gludio/dion/giran kwitną, na każdej lokacji ludzie

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Odp: [L2OFF] Ketrawars x1 IL
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Powinni Cie zbanować Januszu bez słowa wyjaśnienia.


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Odp: [L2OFF] Ketrawars x1 IL
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Za co? to nowa edycja, całkiem inny, nowy server...