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Interlude L2Cornelius PVp
« dnia: Październik 23, 2018, 04:50:13 pm »
Lineage II Core and Dominion Grand Opening as L2Cornelius on
27th October 2018 and 03rd November 2018 || Time 21:00 GMT +2 / Athens Greece

Dominion Features are the same of Core features the difference
is on Dominion server (Dominion Server with maximum 5 Stuck Subclasses)

L2 Core Classic PvP Features:

-= NPC =-
GM Shop
Global Gatekeeper
Town Buffer
Skill Enchanter
Seal Stone-Augumentation Trader
Clan Hall Viewer
GK Farming Areas
GK ToP PvP Areas
Dyes Manager
Castle Siege Manager
About Server
Top Players
Class Manager
Misc Shop
Wedding Manager
Shop Recipe
Tattoo Shop

-= Server Rates =-
Exp : [X1000]
Sp : [X1000]
Party Exp : [X2]
Party Sp : [X2]
Adena Drop [X5000]
Drop Items [X1000]
Drop RB Items [x2]
Spoil [x5]

-= Enchant Rates =-
Perchant Weapon : 40-75% Random
Perchant Armor : 40-75% Random
Perchant Jewls : 40-75% Random
Max Armor : +25
Max Weapon : +25
Max Jewls : +25
Safe Armor : +7
Safe Jewls : +7
Safe Weapon : +7

Other Features:
Olympiad System
Clan hall working
Siege system
PC Bang Point system
Special rewards with pc bang point
Daily Events
Unlimited PvP 24/7
Friendly Team


No Custom items
No corrupt donations
Friendly GMs
and much more!!!

Visit our website and check video promo of old lineage2 server.

We are waiting all old players since 2009!!! and... All new Players are Welcome!!!!!!


Website: https://l2cornelius.ml
Facebook: https://facebook.com/l2cornelius

Need help on installation? Contact us below:
Skype: l2vitality-network
Email: [email protected]