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[L2J] L2iphoenix - IL x 25 - START 04.05.2019
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L2iphoenix (stacksub server 1+1)
Website: https://www.l2iphoenix.com
Chronicle: interlude
Amount of players about 100+ (not really well advertised by GM)
Status: on-line
Platform/type: l2j
Geolocation: Canada
Rate server:
Exp: 25x
SP: 25x
Drop: 10x
Adena: 30x
Spoil: 10x
Raid bosses: 2x a day
Seal stones drop: 5x
Epic Rb jewellery: 1x
Enchant skills: max 15 (giant's books required)
Enchant weapon: max +20, safe +3
Enchant armor: max +20, safe +3
Normal enchant scroll rate: 55% (risk of loss an items into crystals)
Blessed enchant scroll rate: 60% (if you fail, your item is not crystallised and coming back to +3)
Augument system (you can sell or trade an item with augument)

1) Main information:
- You have to register your account on website to login into the game
- Max level of character: 80
Tips: It's enough if you level up your character to 45 lvl. Ask someone with level 76+ for exping you in Pagan, Imperial Tomb, Monastery of Silence, Forge of Gods or Primeval Island (you get 80 lvl in about 4h)
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession is for adena
- Autolearning skills without using books
- Number of account allowed: 3
- Gm shop Npc (you can buy there "c" and "b" grade items for adena
- Items "a" and "s" grade you have to create from recipes and materials, you can also get them as full drop from Raid bosses
- Npc buffer in each town (buffs last 1 hour)
- Donation currency: coin of luck (there is a chance to get them as reward in events: DM, TvT)
- The market Npc in each town (you can sell your items by Npc for coin of luck, festival adena, adena)
- Global Gatekeeper (free teleports to main places)
- Announcement of coming and killed Raid bosses, killed players in pvp/pk
- Auxiliary shortcuts:
alt+b (community)
.acp (setting up Hp/Cp/Mp)
.epic (time of game, list of epic's respawn)
.hopzone (to get 4 vote coins, first you have to visit website of l2iphoenix, next you press on the picture of hopzone, which is in the bottom of right corner, after voting for server, you write the command in the game)
.topzone (the bottom of left corner)
.offline (shop offline)
- Required quests:
a) Fate whisper: Npc Reonin, location (near Oren)
Tips: Peppite knife you can exchange at gm shop (overlap: event) for 200 apiga (from mobs in hot spring), 5 vote coins, 1 festival coin (from TvT event)
b) Mimirs elixir: Npc Ladd, location (4rd floor of Ivory tower)
Tips: You can buy lunargent at Pushkin in Giran for appropriate materials (100 moonshards, 10 volcanic ash, 5 quicksilver)
Drop of reagent pouches from mobs in an amount of 11, location (shamans in blazing swamp or tower of insolence 3rd and 7th floor)
c) Possessor of a Precious Soul
d) Audience with the Land Dragon (Antharas quest)
e) Into the flame (Valakas quest)
f) An arrogant search (Baium quest)
g) Truth beyond the gate (Pagan quest)
2) Stacksub 1+1 (combination of two classes in one character)
Base 1+1, subclasses 3x 1+1
Npc Vanessa, location: Giran
- Killing Ancient Warlord Raid Boss, location: near Cursed Village (everyone in party recives quest item)
- Respawn: 10 minutes
2) Epic Raid bosses
Ant Queen: max 48 lvl
Core: max 56 lvl
Orfen: max 58 lvl
Zaken: 68 lvl
Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza: recommended 76+ lvl
Every character above required level is tekeported out to the nearest town (it concerns: Ant Queen, Core, Orfen, Zaken)
3) Auto events:
a) TvT event (two teams divided into red and blue, win the team with better score of kills, reward: 5 festival adena for everyone in winning team, additional reward for the best player: 10 festival adena, 1 coin of luck and hero for 24 hours)
b) DM - death match event (win a player with the best score of kills, reward: 1 giant's book, 1 coin of luck, hero for 24 hours)
4) Olympiads:
- 15 days period
- Required items (max "a" grade)
- restricted using Ant Queen ring and Zaken earring
Reward: olympiad tokens
5) Additional information:
- Castle Sieges 2 weeks period
- Seven signs 1 week period (registration required)
- Manor seeds (it works)
- Catacombs (it works)
- Merchant shop in the towns (searching mammon is not required)
- 3 skill bars
- Shop offline (it works)
- All quests (it works)
- Anti farm bot (it works)
- Max adena in inventory: 2,14 billions
- Appearance: Zaken suit, Assassin dark suit, Assassin white suit (you can buy it for coins of luck in gm shop)
- Epic Rb accessories: Baium hair, Antharas hat, Valakas hat, Dark Zaken hat+suit increase Hp/Cp (you can get it as drop from Epic Raid Bosses)
- Tyrannosaurus increase stage of crystal from 10 to 12
Anakazel 78 lvl (rift of dimension) increase stage of crystal from 10 to 13
- The most popular currency in game is Ancient Adena, coin of luck, adena
- Giant's book is a reward for changing class at 76 level
- Picking up drops is not automatically
- Max level of clan is 8
- Additional items: apiga, festival adena, vote coins

There is a lot of pvp at Epic Raid bosses. Server is very good but unfortunately not many players online during a day. We try to persuade gm to add these things:
- Removing Npc buffer
- Increasing time of buffs to 2 hours
- Adding accessories with 1 stat (for example +3 dex or str/int/men/con/wit (player can decide what is more important Hp/Cp from Epic hats or one stat from new accessories)
- Adding more appearance/suits 
- Adding 10 milions adena as good start for a new players
- Adding new event "hide and seek" with good reward for a person who find GM first on the map)
- Adding 4th skill bar
- Adding pvp closed arena where you can't use bsoe or return/party return skill
- Changing time of epics (close to Europe time)
- Writing information about the server in English language
- Adding forum on l2iphoenix website
- Augument preview during trading an item

If you are interested in playing here, I truly recommended it. This is probably the last server Stacksub 1+1. You can try at least. If you are not satisfied enough, you can leave the server any time you want :)
Regards T