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PlayL2.net Voting Website
« dnia: Luty 07, 2021, 12:44:13 am »
Hello everyone.
Would like to introduce my new voting website.

What is PlayL2.net?

  • A brand new and modern Lineage 2 Voting Website.
    Fair and affordable services for every Lineage 2 Server.
    Streaming Placements for Streamers/Servers.
    Simple to use website for everyone.
    Vote API for in-game rewards.
    Global & Individual Vote System.
    Unique Premium and VIP Placements.
    And much more.

If you are a server owner and you are bored of the same old websites who sometimes don't accept or ask money to accept your server at their lists
but you are looking to grow your server or be visible out there we trully advise you to give it a try to our website is FREE.

If you are a player and looking for a server to play but you are bored to search on those same websites who always have their own servers listed as first or the ones who pays more PlayL2 is the right place for you.

Is time to change from the same old people who owns the Voting Market and Fool people with their fake views and bots.

PlayL2 Is going to run a worldwide GoogleAds , Facebook , Instagram , VK advertising and SEO campaign's which will give to the website more visibility and will help your servers grow.

PlayL2 Team wishes you best regards and good luck with your projects.